Corolla Wild Horse Tours

Corolla Wild Horse ToursAlong the northern stretches of the Outer Banks lives a relic of a time long since past on these barrier islands. With an ancestry tracing back to the very fist days of European exploration in North America, the legendary Corolla wild horses still roam our beaches, dune fields, and maritime forest as they have for hundreds of years. The elemental forces that sculpt these islands that we love so much, are the same forces that have created a breed of horse unlike any other in the world. Wind, waves, storms, sand, and salt have coalesced into sculpting this truly remarkable breed known officially as the Banker horse – banker, as in the Outer Banks.

For over 20 years, Back Country Safari Tours has been providing the world an opportunity to view these wild horses on their own terms. Melding together a one-of-a-kind experience of both high energy, off-road adventure through the back country with top-notch professional naturalists and guides, our wild horse safari cannot be beat. One of the great things about being a company with a long-standing history working in this area is our access to large tracks of both private and public preserves that remain off limits to other tour companies in the area. As a partner of the private Spanish Mustang Preserve and with our unique partnerships with large landowners, we have helped to create and conserve a network of protected lands for these horses.

Join us on this unforgettable adventure into the back country in search of the Corolla wild horses!

  • family friendly
  • naturalist guide
  • exclusive access to the Spanish Mustang Preserve

We are excited to have local naturalist guides, plus exclusive access to the private Mustang Preserve!


Exciting Off-road Eco-Adventures in Custom Safari Beach Cruisers

Back Country Safari Tours offers you a variety of options to see the wild horses! You choose the level of adventure that’s right for your family, we make it happen.


Option 1:Open Air Safari Cruisers

Back Country Safari Tours is proud to offer this one of a kind off-road adventure in our open air safari cruisers. Just riding in these trucks is an experience in and of itself. Ever heard of the monster truck called the Gravedigger? Well we had his guys put their heads together to come up with and build these beasts. Our safari trucks are not only built just for this trip, but they carry up to 10 passengers as well so that we can cater to the largest of families.


Option 2:Semi-open Air Cruisers

One step down from our fully open Safari Cruisers are the semi-open air cruisers. Like our other vehicles, these trucks have been customized and fabricated just for Back Country Safari Tours. These vehicles offer a bit more protection from the elements while we are out there, but still allow for customers to stand up and photograph right from the vehicle.