YES! We almost never have room for walk-ups and our tour trucks fill up quickly. To ensure your desired tour date and time, it is recommended to book online or over the phone, at least, one week before your arrival.
Tours are priced per person and vary depending on age and time of year. To see our current prices, use the ‘book now’ feature on our website. DISCOUNTS are available for active-duty military, senior citizens (65+), and children (12 and under). GROUP RATE DISCOUNT (10 or more people) applies $10 off to each adult ticket price. PRIVATE TOUR pricing is still per person, but depending on how many people you have, there will most likely be an up-charge for reserving the whole tour truck. Pricing for Private Tours can be calculated for you over the phone.
Most of our trucks are equipped to seat 12. If you have a large party, we can sometimes accommodate up to 14 people on one truck. Parties larger than 14 will be on multiple trucks.
YES, our trucks are sanitized daily and are open air. In addition, for anyone concerned about riding with another party, private tours (at an additional cost) are available. Masks are not required but welcome.
We welcome people of ALL AGES! However, we advise against bringing infants 6 months of age and younger. Children under 3 years of age must be in a car seat (provided by you).
Reservations are done by GROUP. Please only make ONE reservation per group. By being on one reservation, this will ensure that you’re on the same truck and able to sit with the rest of your group.
We can accommodate almost everyone. If you’re unsure, please give us a call. We do NOT recommend tours for women who are more than 7 months pregnant, babies under 6 months, or those with back injuries as it does get bumpy during your ride. Those with mobility limitations are welcome on our tour, but may need help from a family member to get in and out of the truck. There are three steps leading into the back of the truck.
Unfortunately, bringing dogs (service dogs included) is not permitted on tour. Our trucks are not equipped with dog friendly seating and it can be a bumpy ride, which makes dogs uncomfortable. In addition, since we will be driving through a wildlife refuge, bringing a dog could be unsafe for both your dog and the wild horses. We simply love animals, which is why we cannot allow dogs on tour. If you have a dog and are unsure what to do, please contact us before your tour. BCST’s shop is dog friendly and our office staff, if present, is more than happy to have a friend to hang out with while everyone else goes out on tour.
Our tours are scheduled to last around two hours. Your tour guide will bring you back within 15 minutes of the two-hour mark from when the tour began.
During your tour, you will be riding on one of our custom open-air safari trucks. Our NEW fleet of tour trucks consists of modified Chevy Silverado’s outfitted with two rows of six seats, facing inwards, which allows for a 360-degree view for each customer on the truck. The rear window glass has been removed, so that our customers and their guide can interact the entire tour. A UV-resistant canopy is overhead to block direct sunlight. Customers board the truck using a sturdy set of steps located on the back of the truck.
NO, for safety the Currituck County Tour Operator ordinances do not allow for any vehicle to follow a tour truck.
During your tour, you should expect to be seated in the truck the full two hours (but this isn’t always the case, as some tour guides may choose to make a stop, if time allows). We have a lot of ground to cover, so we don’t always have time for stops. In addition, driving restrictions prohibit stopping in various places along the tour. Although we rarely make complete stops, you will still be able to get plenty of pictures and videos during the entire tour from your seat on the truck. Our trucks are designed for maximum viewing pleasure.
The Colonial Spanish Mustangs are a protected wild animal that are only to be observed from at least 50’ away. Feeding and/or touching the wild horses could not only endanger their safety and wellbeing, but is also a citable offense.
All you need to bring is yourself. But, there’s plenty of room on the tour truck for anyone that would like to bring along a small backpack, cooler, purse or camera. Since we will be out on tour for two hours, we do recommend bringing water, snacks, sunglasses, and cash (our professional guides do accept gratuity to make a livable wage). If you have an INFANT (two years of age or younger), a car seat is required and must be supplied by the customer.
Items such as coolers, cameras, binoculars, purses, backpacks, and totes are all welcome. Open containers (alcohol) and glass containers are not permitted. Snacks are allowed, but please bring food with caution, avoiding messy snacks and anything that could easily fall out of the truck as human food could easily harm a wild mustang. During the Summer months, a hat (with a chin strap) and sunscreen are recommended. During the Winter months, eel free tof dress extra warm and bring a blanket for your legs.
Dress for the weather, but please also remember to take into account that we will be moving in an open-air vehicle. It’s always a good idea to bring something to tie long hair up with and to avoid hats that can’t be secured in high wind. On hot days, we suggest wearing bottoms that reach at least to your knees, as sweaty legs against the bench seat can become uncomfortable during your 2-hour tour.
Please use the restroom BEFORE your tour start time. There are multiple public restrooms in the Corolla Light Town Shopping Center, where we are located. We have a lot of ground to cover during your tour and a bathroom breaks is not guaranteed.
Yes, much like waitstaff and bartenders, tour guides rely on gratuity to make a livable wage. For guided tours, 18-20% is customary. Tour guides are unable to swipe a credit card, but there are ATMs nearby or your tour guide can be tipped via Venmo, PayPal, etc.
As soon as you pull into the Corolla Light Town Shopping Center, please locate our GREEN kiosk (straight ahead) for check-in. Located behind our kiosk is Uncle Ike’s (YELLOW) and Cosmos Pizza (RED). Back Country Safari Tours 1159 Austin St. Corolla, NC 27927
The Corolla Light Town Shopping Center offers plenty of free parking spaces within a very short walking distance of the kiosk. Prohibited parking areas will be marked with signs.
Tour check-in begins 20 minutes before your reserved time. All members of your party must be present, sign the liability waiver, visit the restroom if needed and be ready to board at the scheduled tour start time.
If you are late for your reserved tour time, BCST reserves the right to NOT rebook or issue a refund. Each tour is on a set schedule and will not be held past the designated start time. In the event you’re going to be late, please contact BCST. (252)453-0877 Please plan accordingly for traffic, as there is only one road leading into Corolla and it often experiences traffic backups, especially on weekends and rainy days.
In the event you need to cancel, please give us a call. Cancellations made outside of 48 hours, from your reserved tour time, will be given a full refund. Cancellations made within 48 hours of your reserved tour time, will NOT be issued a refund. If canceling within 48 hours, BCST does have a waiting list option and may be able to fill your seats, which could result in a partial or full refund. BCST reserves the right to make weather and/or safety related cancellations.

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