Segway Tours

Custom Beach Cruisers will carry you down 12 miles of beach then you will trail ride through the Spanish Mustang Preserve!


Tour 1: Off-Road 4×4 and Segway Safari

obx-corolla-tours-wild-horsesBack Country Safari Tours is taking off-road adventure to a whole new level!

Combing the wilds of the back country with the latest in technology, our Off-road Segway Safari is with out a doubt one of the coolest things that you can do while on vacation along the Outer Banks.

Back Country Safari Tours was not only the first company to offer segway adventures in North Carolina, we were the first ones to offer off-road segway trips—in the world.

Just like our other off-road adventures, we start out cruising up the beach in our Open Air Safari Cruisers, in search of our legendary wild horses. Once we arrive at our private Spanish Mustang Preserve that we have set aside for these beautiful creatures, we unload the segways and head out onto the rugged Mustang Trail. For those who are really looking for adventure and an opportunity to for a unique experience that simply cannot be found elsewhere, Back Country Safari Tours’ Segway Safari is exactly what you have been searching for!

segway-obxThe first thing you need to know about our Off-road Segway Safari, is that no experience is necessary. We start from the ground up on these trips, teaching you the fundamentals of how to operate this technology right up to a practice course before we ever even head up the beach. We want you to have the absolute best time possible and so we know that you need to be comfortable on these machines before you can do that.

This adventure is a half day—4 hour long—excursion. Now there are some age and weight restrictions on this trip so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

*** The off-road Mustang Trail Segway Tour is available Thursday Friday and Saturday, The Historic Corolla Segway Tour is available Monday Tuesday and Wednesday *** (If the tour you are looking for is not available on that day please call and we can setup a special date and time to accommodate.)


Tour 2: Historic Corolla by Segway


obx-corolla-tours-wild-horsesAt Back Country Safari Tours, we want to cater to as many people as possible and therefore, much like our kayaking and wild horse safaris, we know that not everyone is looking for this much adventure. Therefore, we also offer a milder segway experience as well known as our Historic Corolla by Segway.

The Historic Corolla tour goes through the full training session just like the Off-road version of this, the difference here is that instead of a hair raising trail ride in the back country, we glide over to the historic village of Corolla instead. Here your guide will not only show you the remarkable historical landmarks of the old town that dates back to the 1870s, but the trip will be filled with the history, life, and times of this rustic outpost of civilization.

The Historic Corolla by Segway Tour is a 2 hour long experience, and just like our off-road segway adventure, this trip does have certain requirements to be able to participate.

SEGWAY REQUIREMENTS – Due to insurance regulations, we have some gliding restrictions:

  1. Participants must be between 13 and 65 years old.
  2. Must be under 280 lbs.
  3. No pregnant moms please.
  4. No one with any special physical or mental limitations.
  5. Not a good idea if you’ve had any recent surgeries.

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